About us

Palazzo del Gigante S.r.l. has been involved in the property field in the province of Genova, for more than 40 years.

Our company specialises in the management of real estate (residential properties, offices, commercial spaces), dealing almost exclusively with entire buildings we own, or on behalf of companies and private owners with whom we have a specific arrangement, offered for lease under the highest conditions of maintenance and at market value.

Palazzo del Gigante provides a 360° service, assisting its clientele from the beginning to the end of the relationship; from the very first visit to the signing of the contract, dealing with any issues (administrative and technical) that may arise before, during, and up to the conclusion of the tenancy agreement.

This method of working often creates a special Palazzo del Gigante-tenant relationship which is a point of pride for the company. It also means our clientele frequently contacts our commercial department to resolve problems related to location (having found the space to be too large or too small, the area of the city, etc.), but wanting to maintain a relationship with the company and its partners.

What we offer

Palazzo del Gigante has an internal commercial department, an administrative-legal department, and a technical department, meaning it is autonomous with regard to all the institutional activities it performs.

The commercial department works to promote the units it manages in the most effective way possible, through a variety of communication channels, including newspapers, the internet, and personalised signs, in the search for tenants and to match their needs. There is always someone available so that any concerns or issues can be resolved quickly, and in the best possible way, including problems that may arise during the tenancy, by assigning qualified and specialised companies that have worked closely with Palazzo del Gigante, for many years.

The administrative-legal department handles the preparation of negotiation documents (lease and tender contracts, transactions and debt collection), tax coordination and regulatory updating. It also selects, manages and coordinates the personnel employed by building owners. It issues and collects invoices and receipts for rental fees and ancillary charges, sending the final statements of expenses incurred and regulatory and tax fulfilments (electronic transmission of recorded documents and contracts).

The technical department is involved in looking after and taking care of the common areas of buildings we own, continuously performing maintenance to ensure everything remains in perfect order, including the facades, roofs, stairwells, elevators, gardens and outdoor areas, and entrances areas, all to increase the prestige of the real estate assets under our management, and contributing to improving the urban aesthetic. It manages all the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance interventions, coordinating the work carried out by companies which are chosen from among those most qualified in each individual sector. The department maintains individual units to the highest standards possible, arranging to have the walls and various plants and systems in top condition to provide the new tenant with an environment that is always perfect, clean, modern and advanced in every aspect. We are always ready to meet the needs of our clientele.