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Across the whole of Genova and the Ligurian Riviera, Palazzo del Gigante manages 6 entire properties which have been divided into offices, apartments, commercial units, parking spaces, as well as number of condominium properties. All properties have been renovated and are in excellent condition, ready for immediate occupancy.

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Palazzo Doria del Gigante

Via San Benedetto, 7 - Genova

The building takes its name from the statue, sculpted by Marcello Sparzo at the end of the 1600s, which stands in the garden overlooking the sea. Vasari spoke of the fresco decorations by Perin del Vaga, however the works had been redone in the 1800s, then destroyed over the course of the 2 world wars.

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Palazzo Fabiani

Via al Ponte Calvi, 3 - Genova

The building is part of the "terraces" of Piazza Caricamento which faces the area of Porto Antico, and the aquarium. The current layout of Palazzo Fabiani derives from the harmonious unification of several buildings constructed over different eras, starting from the 1300s and slowly modified over time, as evidenced in 1588 from the "list of Rolli".

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Palazzo Casareto De Mari detto del Melograno

Campetto, 2 - Genova

It was built from the ground up at the end of the 16th century, by the master Jacopo de Aggio, for Ottavio Imperiale, on the corner between two historic public squares, Piazza Campetto and Piazza Soziglia. In 1588, it was included in the list of the so-called "Palazzi dei Rolli", destined to host to illustrious guests who were visiting, what was then, the Republic of Genova.

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Palazzo Luce

Via Felice Romani, 9 - Genova

Located in the heart of Genova and surrounded by a park filled with tall plants and trees, the building has, due to the steep nature of the terrain, a retaining wall topped with a high plinth ridged by blind and windowed arches. The internal structure consists mainly of high wood coffered ceilings painted with frescoes, decorated glass doors, and wooden or marble inlay flooring.

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Il Palazzotto

Località San Bernardo, 9 - Bogliasco

Located in the municipality of Bogliasco, in a peaceful and dominant position with a 360 degree view extending from the heights of Mount Portofino to Capo Mele, the building is comprised of 4 apartments, each one unique, with large areas of outdoor green space.

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Castello Cirla

Via XXV Aprile, 258 - Pieve Ligure

The complex, called "Castello Cirla", was built in 1915 on the grounds of a watchtower for the Cirla family, who were marble merchants. Its external stone walls and eclectic architecture were designed to resemble a castle with two towers of differing heights, an entrance hall with frescoes on two levels with quarried flooring, a central fountain, a decorated wrought iron balustrade, and a wooden access bridge on the western side.

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Villa Nam

Località Bieltschocke 28 - Gressoney St. Jean

In Valle d'Aosta, two kilometres from the centre of the village of Gressoney St. Jean, a four-storey building with the cubic shape and yellow colour typical of Walser buildings in the Lys valley. Located just in front of the Weismatten ski lifts, in Bieltschocke, the property, with wooden floors and original stoves, and frescoed ceilings, consists of 6 units that are rented out fully furnished.

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