Palazzo Fabiani

The building is part of the "terraces" of Piazza Caricamento which faces the area of Porto Antico, and the aquarium.

The current layout of Palazzo Fabiani derives from the harmonious unification of several buildings constructed over different eras, starting from the 1300s and slowly modified over time, as evidenced in 1588 from the "list of Rolli". The most important additions were realised in the 1500s, above all in the state rooms with their elegant and refined frescoes, plasterwork and gildings.

Records from 1614 already listed the building as 3 Via al Ponte Calvi, and it assumed its current layout from 1622 to 1682, based on the design by Bartolomeo Bianco.

Several historic Genovese families have owned the property, a list which includes the names Calvi, Cattaneo, Pallavicini and Fabiani. In 1987, it was acquired by the company which owns the property today. Important structural and architectural renovations, necessary after almost half a century of abandonment, were carried out and the building was redeveloped for office, residential and commercial use.

The building was given listed status, in recognition of its internal and external artistic-historical features, by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and activities in 1913.