Castello Cirla

The complex, called "Castello Cirla", was built in 1915 on the grounds of a watchtower for the Cirla family, who were marble merchants. Its external stone walls and eclectic architecture were designed to resemble a castle with two towers of differing heights, an entrance hall with frescoes on two levels with quarried flooring, a central fountain, a decorated wrought iron balustrade, and a wooden access bridge on the western side. Even the gatehouse of the villa was built following the same criteria, and has two towers of its own.

Recently renovated, it is comprised of a main villa and an annex. It is immersed in an environmental compendium formed by a well-maintained park which includes trails and paths surrounded by Mediterranean maquis, maritime pine trees, oaks, laurels and pittosporum, with large areas for relaxation and a swimming pool. The perfect location for a panoramic walk along the coast overlooking the sea.

It was acquired by the current owner in 1982 and is used as residential dwellings.